Editor, Los Angeles

M.F.A. in Documentary Media, Northwestern University

B.A. in Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania


Demon Mineral

Feature film, in production

Directed by Hadley Austin

DEMON MINERAL documents life in the radioactive desert of the Navajo Reservation. Travelling through a landscape perforated by orphaned uranium mines in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, the film follows a group of indigenous scientists, elders, and activists as they work to protect a vital living space on contaminated land.

Supported by The Redford Center

The Latest Sun

Feature film, in production

Directed by Melika Bass

Set in an unsung corner of middle-America, The Latest Sun is Sinking Fast chronicles the intersecting lives of a lone female wanderer, and two solitary rogue ministers. Made additively over 7 years, with the actors aging in real time, this docu-fiction-performance film combines the real-life events of performers with the filmmaker’s own religious family history. Captured on 16mm film.


Before the President (2020)

Short film, in production

Directed by Mina Kim Fitzpatrick

Charlie Lawuary is a 63-year-old man serving a life sentence in Illinois on account of nonviolent drug-related charges. Before the President documents Lawuary's fight to be included in one of the last five clemency announcements of Obama's presidency.

Song of Ascent

Short film, in production

Directed by Timothy Fryett

Hurtling through the streets of Chicago in a creaky old church van, a close-knit choir of East African refugees sing the future into being in four-part harmony.

American Factory (2019) American Factory (2019)

115 minutes

Directed by Julia Reichert & Steven Bognar

Rust-belt Ohio. In the husk of a huge, abandoned GM plant, a Chinese billionaire entrepreneur opens a new factory, hiring two thousand blue-collar Americans. Early days of hope and optimism are truly tested by the enormity of the project, and by the cultural differences between high-tech China and post-industrial Midwest America.

Best Documentary Feature, 2020 Academy Awards

Practice (2018) Practice (2018)

10 minutes

Directed by Iyabo Kwayana

Filmed near a Shaolin temple in Henan, China, Practice is a mesmerizing visual choreography in which hundreds of people dance as one, expressing the director’s love for collective practice.

Screenings: Visions du Reel, Camden International, AFI Docs, Chicago Underground Film Festival

Quest (2017) Quest (2017)

104 minutes

Directed by Jonathan Olshefski

Filmed with vérité intimacy for nearly a decade, Quest is the moving portrait of the Rainey family living in North Philadelphia. Epic in scope, a vivid illumination of race and class in America, and a testament to love, healing and hope.

Screenings: Sundance, Sheffield, True/False, New Directors/New Films, Full Frame, Camden International, AFI Docs


Of A Few Days (2016) Of A Few Days (2016)

14 minutes

Directed by Timothy Fryett

Inside a family-owned, community funeral home on the south side of Chicago, a series of workplace vignettes carefully reveal the peculiar, highly charged intersection of existential drama and banal routine.

Screenings: New Directors/New Films, AFI Docs, Chicago International, Ethnografilm

Caregivers (2015)

75 minutes

Directed by Vic Compher

How are professional caregivers and first responders affected emotionally and physically? Who helps the helpers? Taking a journey into a world the public rarely sees, Caregivers depicts the emotional costs experienced by professional care providers, probing the emotional consequences of professional public service.

Mid-Atlantic Emmy Documentary Award Nominee

Screenings: Spotlight Orlando Film Festival, APHA Global Public Health Film Festival, National Association of Social Workers Film Festival